1-DOF Two-Finger Hand

Multi functional robot hand with 2 fingers powered by 10W DC motor.


Adaptive Gripping Design

Passive joints enable adaptive gripping for various shapes of objects.

Current Control (Force Control)

Torque control and current-based position control make it possible to pick up objects of various materials.

Light Weight & High Power

5kg of high payload is delivered from 500g light weighted robot hand.

Detachable Finger Tips

Detachable finger tips can be easily replaced with customized finger tips.

Intuitive and Simple Mounting

▪ Simplified design enables easy mounting on custom applications.
▪ The robot hand can be quickly mounted on OpenManipulator-PRO & Universal Robots e-Series.

DYNAMIXEL 2.0 Protocol

▪ The robot hand supports DYNAMIXEL 2.0 protocol for easy control.
▪ Power and communication are connected via DYNAMIXEL BUS.

Supports Various Development Environments

▪ C++ examples for Windows, Linux and ROS.
▪ Support to Universal Robots URCap S/W.

Mechanical Information

 For more useful information, you can visit Robotis products at website: https://isteamrobot.com/collections/robot-hands


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