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Driver BLDC ZBLD.C20-400LR


BLDC ZBLD.C20-400LR Motor Driver for Brushless DC Motor Control

Features :

- Multiple operation modes: open loop, closed loop (control accuracy ±0.5%).

- Multiple command settings: multi-function input terminal control; communication control; external keyboard control.

- Accelerated speed/deceleration control: 0.3s~10s, adjustable via knob, communication and keyboard.

- Realize fast electromagnetic brakes.

- 5 digital inputs.

- Multi-function output interface: 2 digital outputs (open-collector output), which users can customize through the keyboard as: running, error, speed output, overload warning, virtual terminal output, and others.

- Protecting against under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, overload, locked rotor, short-circuit, and lack of error detection. After an error occurs, the driver shows corresponding protection actions according to the error type; error information can be displayed through an LED Light or keyboard.

Technical Specifications :

- Voltage: 24V~48V

- Current: 3A~15A

- Power: 400W

- Control with PWM input, Analog 0~5V.

 Manufactured: ZD Motor