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Warranty Policy:
In cases where insurance is not guaranteed, Indruino always expects you to know that this is not expected on both sides. Indruino.com always tries to do its best to share with customers and look forward to dealing with the problem in the way of long-term cooperation. With these points, Indruino.com release below guarantee regulations:

• Products are always guaranteed for 1 week. Indruino will exchange new product for the first 3 days if the manufacturer's fault. If customers buy online, products will be guaranteed to start from the day you receive the products.
• Indruino will support fixing and testing for light damage when products are out of guarantee date.
• When products are out of guarantee date and can’t be fixed, customers will receive discounts at Indruino.com when purchase new products depending on the item.
• Before bringing goods to the airport, you should call in advance to the phone number of the technology at Indruino: +84 28 3636 0636 or +8483 699 1981 for advice.
• Please note that the guaranteed product must remain in Indruino's stamp, no sign of drop, dented, oxidized, dropped in to water, and signs of improper using.
• When buying goods, if the customer has soldered or welded to the board but does not work, please do not remove the pins, do not remove the circuit from the board and bring them to us, we will guarantee and guide you the best way to use it.
Sincerely thank you for supporting Indruino.com!
Return policy:
If your choice not to confirm or not match the item you have just bought, Indruino.com uses a free return payment within 2 days from the date of purchase, the goods will be exchanged for a new item or if you meet the following conditions:
• There are no any signs of damage such as: Fire, explosion, fall, break, ...
• The goods are intact as new, not sold, edited and loaded.
• Has a stamp and invoice from Indruino.com (required).
Thank you for your purchasing at Indruino.com!