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In order to ensure consumers' benefit, improve the quality of after-sales service, we will assist you to change new products of the same type if the product is in trouble cannot be solved immediately (due to technical error of producer). The product will only be exchanged when the following conditions are met.



Applied areas:

  1. Products can only be exchanged right after customers check that the product’s information are not matched with products they bought.
    2. The product is determined failed by Indruino or by supplier technician.
    3. The product receives no error in form (torn, stained, scratched, broken, distorted, ...)
    4. Time for return and return of product must be settled during working hours


  1. Customer want to change other product without notice ahead.
    2. Customer do not comply with the requirements required for product warranty (for example, do not send warranty card/bill to the right place within the prescribed time)
    3. Customer change the external situation of products such as packaging tear, scratches, broken ...
    4. The product has been checked and signed by the customer to confirm the status but then you request to return the goods for reasons of bonded error (scratched, dented, broken ...).
    5. Special order products, products made by the manufacturer with regulations are unchanged - return goods, other special products if any (Indruino will inform and agree clearly with the purchaser), other products listed withthout covered by warranties before signing an order to confirm order


  1. You contact directly with the warranty center of the company according to the warranty information of each carrier.
    After obtaining a Certificate of Status with the irreparably irreparable damage to the product, the exchange will be carried out in accordance with each airline's regulations.

    Procedures for handling exchange or return procedures are carried out within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of all required information and documents from the customer. Delivery & Receiving - indruino.com

 Here indruino.com would like to send you the policy of shipping and delivery for customers to buy products.


All customers who buy products at website http://indruino.com/ need to deliver goods directly at home.


2.1 Free delivery

Free delivery within the inner city - applicable for orders valued at VND 5,000,000 or more.
Free delivery within a 5km radius of INDRUINO ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS CO., LTD - applies to orders of VND 5,000,000 or more. 

2.2 Delivery fee

Other than free delivery, the remaining cases will be charged for shipping according to the shipping cost of the 3rd carrier or according to our fee schedule. This fee will be notified by us and confirmed to you before you proceed with the payment and we will process the shipment.


- Delivery time will be 1-3 days depending on shipping distance.
- In some objective cases, we may delay delivery due to force majeure conditions such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, broken vehicles on delivery routes, problems during the export process. line.
- During the time of waiting for delivery, you have any questions about shipping information, please contact our hotline to get help.


- Our shipping service will be responsible for products and risks such as loss or damage of products during the transportation of products from our warehouse to you.
- You are responsible for checking g products when receiving products. When detecting products damaged, scratched, broken, distorted, or wrong products, sign to confirm the products status with the delivery staff and then immediately notify the Customer Care Department via hotline.
- After you have signed to received the products without taking notes or comments on products. We are not responsible for the return request because of damage, scratches, breakage, distortion, wrong products, ect… from you later.
- If the shipping service is designated and selected by you, you will be responsible for the products and risks such as loss or damage of the goods during the transportation of goods from our warehouse. Customers will be responsible for freight and related costs.


Free shipping policy does not apply to products purchased in the golden hour promotions, shock prices ... ..
- Toll gate costs, parking fees paid by customers.
- We only deliver the products to the right people that you have registered when buying. If there is an unclear change of recipient, we reserve the right to refuse delivery and ask the customer to receive the goods at the place of our sale.
- If the delivery address is not clear, located in the corner, or in dangerous places, the hilly areas, difficult means of transportation, we have the right to refuse direct shipping and delivery.
- In cases of force majeure, due to natural disasters, floods, damage to ferry or bridges, etc., we are not responsible for compensating for damages arising from improper delivery or not delivering goods to the destination as agreed with customer.
- In case we have shipped the products to the place of delivery as agreed upon purchase, but for some reason the customer requested to return the products, then the customer must bear the shipping cost according to our cost schedules.
- For heavy and bulky products that need to be transported to the floor without elevator, customer is required for assistant.
- On special days or Festive days due to limited general traffic policy (road restrictions for some vehicles ...) delivery time may change, We will call customers to verify delivery time.