- This product is combination of the Indruino 8-channel optical isolator input module and the Dinrail to make the board more industrial and easier to install in the cabinet.

- The module  is used for converting the digital industrial sensor's signal to the digital TTL signal. The product is designed to use in the industrial environment, stabilazation and reliable.

Key features:

- Using high quality optocouplers components, low noise, high reliables.

- Using spring contact connector and IDC 5x2 connector so that easy to assembly, replace or maintain.

- Having switch to select the input signal level which is 24V or 5V.

- Individual led indicator for each channel.

- Fuse protection and power led indicator.

- Power supply sharing via Indruino standard's connectors.

- The dimensions are compatible with standard dinrail.

Technical Specifications :

     - Power supply : 24V & 5V

     - Num of channels : 8

     - Input voltage : 5V & 24V

     - Output voltage : 5V 

     - Isolation voltage : 2500Vrms

     - Assembly method : Dinrail   

     - Dimensions (LxWxH) : 107 x 38 x 31 mm  

     - Other features : Integrated inlet & outlet power port.

     - Led indicator for each channel.

     - Selectable input level by S/S pin

Block Diagram : 


Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FFW4CxhA104arCzIavIhvIldOy616vAR/view?usp=sharing

Video demo : https://youtu.be/bjDVA749mrg