- This product is combination of the Indruino 8-channel optical isolator output module and the Dinrail to make the board more industrial and easier to install in the cabinet.

- This is the isolated relay output control module, helps controllers could controls the high power equipments more safe & stable.

Key features:

- Using high quality optocouplers components, low noise, high reliables.

- Using spring contact connector and IDC 5x2 connector so that easy to assembly, replace or maintain.

- Having switch to select the input signal level which is 24V or 5V.

- Individual led indicator for each channel.

- Fuse protection and power led indicator.

- Power supply sharing via Indruino standard's connectors.

- The dimensions are compatible with standard dinrail.

Technical Specifications : 

- Power supply : 24V & 5V

- Num of channels : 8

- Output voltage : 5V 

- Switching voltage : 220VAC max

- Contact current rating : 3A max

- Isolation voltage : 2500Vrms

- Assembly method : Dinrail

- Dimensions (LxWxH) : 107 x 60 x 31 mm

- Other features : Integrated inlet & outlet power port.

- Led indicator for each channel. 

- Reliable and fast switching rate

  Block Diagram : 


Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TSJkIUqeL7h8427TbagLHB7KtPwKpVQ1/view?usp=sharing

Video demo : https://youtu.be/bjDVA749mrg